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Training update #2

So over the last days I trained a lot. Couldn't make it to the gym 4 times weekly, but I made up for that with specific training.

Anyhow, after doing the "pull"-workout twice and the "push"-workout once (today is going to be the second time), some details on exercise execution have changed.

Tactical pullups became standard, wide-grip pullups. I need to re-adat to pullups before increasing difficulty.Snatch-grip atg squats became standard atg fron squats. My wrists are hurting like hell with the snatch grip. I can't allow a strength exercise to hinder my striking.No fundamental changes here, just details, as stated above.
After performing the "push"-workout for a second time today, I'll be posting the loading patterns.

So long,
take care

Training update

Back to business.

I'll be taking this semesters last exam at university on Tuesday 6th. After that, I'll get back to work, training-wise.

As always, I'll spend some time in Poland in july and august - do some kettlebell work, train some MMA/BJJ/...

Now, going abroad doesn't make it easier to follow a strict training program. At least for me it ain't. That's why I've decided to shoot for a simple yet effective, easy to implement training protocol that can be done at every gym.

Being absolutely convinced of my last protocolls effectiveness, I'll basically do the same thing again - just completely different. That's a fundamental principle with training, by the way - do the same things, but differently.

I'll be shooting for 4 strength training sessions a week, alternating between two workouts:

Workout A:
Clean & PressBench pressFront squat (ass to the grass)Workout B:
DeadliftPullupBent over rowing with supinated grip
As you can see, I'm adressing t…

Instructor course

Returned from Linz (upper Austria's capitol city) on saturday. I spent six days there to go through the first part of my fitness instructor course.

I have to say, I was pretty surprised - on the positive side, that is. You see, the course is organized, held and paid for (most of it, at least) by the Austrian ministry of education. Although that's great when it comes to the certificates appreciation, I wasn't sure if it wasn't all old-school and slowed down by bureaucracy. Now I can say it isn't.

Basically we had about 4-5 hours of training a day as well as 5-6 hours of theory lessons.

On the training side, we did lots of functional training, sensomotoric drills, posture correction and the like - there was almost no bodybuilding-style isolation training or the like. I say almost, as those things naturally are a part of a fitness instructors course. They were limited to a minimum, though.

The teaching staff was great, there were sports scientists, a doctor, active traine…