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Thoughts on Attitude: Perfection

Although it's been a while since my holidays in Poland and there's been much other stuff going on lately, I'll go back to something I experienced during those holidays that really inspired me. You see, on our visit to Poznan, me and my girl were looking for a place to have breakfast.

Under normal circumstances I practice the "Warrior Diet" (www.warriordiet.com) as propagated by Ori Hofmekler. Holiday, however, is not exactly a normal situation in terms of nutrition, especially backpacking-tours where one is constantly on the move and doesn't really have access to a kitchen. Hence, I try to keep my diet pretty clean during holidays but don't refrain from eating stuff I normally would avoid or eating at times I would normally spend fasting. Following a Warrior Diet principle, however, I try to celebrate my meals rather than just consider them a feeding opportunity. The right food, eaten at the right time with a proper awareness nourishes the soul just as muc…