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Michael H (Shinergy[stadlau]) VS Tino P (Shinergy[zone vienna])

Ok, it's been a while. Now properly analyzing a fight means going through the details over and over again, watching the fight endless times, observing a different aspect each time. This is not something I can do on the fly. So, since I was pretty short on time, I decided not to write a half-hearted analysis but rather postpone the thing a bit. Now, I've got some time on my hands again, so here we go. Having said all of the above, this analysis was actually pretty easy as the whole fight was somewhat one-sided.

Today's installment will cover the only fight fought under redbelt rules at the last Shinergy[battle]. The matchup had Tino, a young yet relatively successfull semi-contact fighter (he scored some national medals at semi-contact kickboxing under WKF rules) fight Michael, one of my guys. Now both contestants can be considered Veterans in that they've both had their share of Shinergy battles in the past. Knowing both fighters and their respective background, I estim…