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Es werden Posts vom Dezember, 2011 angezeigt.

Fight analysis: Shinergy[battle] autumn '11, Andy VS Pierre

Today, let's take a closer look at fight #2,
Andy (Shinergy[stadlau]) VS Pierre (Shinergy[zone vienna]).

That fight was particularly interresting in that it probably was the most tactical fight on that evening. Both competitors kept alternating between offensive and defensive styles. While it seemed that Pierre rather preferred a rather counter-oriented strategy, Andy was more interrested in attacking. However, none of them limited himself exclusively to his preference. Instead, they adapted and changed gears constantly. It was nice to see that kind of flexibility.

Still, there were some points on both sides that need to be adressed. First, I'll focus on Andy, as he's one of my boys. After that, I'll analyze Pierre's perfomance.

Let's start from a tactical point of view.

If you look at Andy's very first action, as seen in clip #1 from 00:03 - 00:06, you'll notice a mistake that could have been avoided. Andy successfully feints an attack and causes Pierre to …

Fight analysis: Shinergy[battle] autumn '11, Gabriel VS Fabio

Finally got a hold of video that covers all fights of the Shinergy[battle] autumn cup '11.
In the coming days, I'll post those videos, one at a time. Also, I'll give a short technical and tactical analysis for each of those fights.

I'm totally aware it's always easy to sound smart when analyzing a fight, whereas it's a totally different game to actually fight. However, since I absolutely know what it's like to lose a fight (there's enough video footage here on this blog to prove that), I ask you not to see my commentary as criticism, but rather an attempt to offer advice.

Without further ado, let's take a look at fight #1,
Gabriel (Shinergy[stadlau]) VS Fabio (Shinergy[liesing])

The bout was under point/stop rules, so after each clear hit the fight was interrupted for a moment.

Since I'm Gabriel's trainer and coach, I'll first take a look at his performance.

When it comes to dominance and aggression, the fight definately goes to Gabriel. Those …

2011-12-08, Sparring

Here's some video footage of our sparring session on thursday, december 8th 2011. Probably not of much use to use if you weren't there, but for those that were, it's an opportunity to analyse.

My two cents: Too much blood for a sparring session. Everyone was way too aggressive. Need to limit intensity next time, especially during the warm-up rounds.

Feel free to post your thoughts on sparring intensity in the comments section.

So long,

take care

Shinergy[battle] autumn cup '11, more video footage

Yesterday I got my hands on some more video footage of the Shinergy[battle] autumn cup '11. Below you can see Gabriel and Andy, two of my students. Both performed pretty well.

Gabriel fought under Point/Stop rules. That's pretty much our equivalent to "Semi-Contact" Kickboxing. The main difference is that, although the fight is interrupted after each clear hit in order to score the point, strikes are always performed with full force.

Andy, despite being 16 years old (therefore officially falling into the 'youth' division), competed in the 'adults' division. Also, he's suffering from some knee trouble at the moment, so kicking was not an option. Considering that and the fact that Andy faced the guy who in the end won the whole thing, Andy really impressed me (and a couple of spectators, who approached me after the fight).

Anyways, here you go - enjoy!

Gabriel #1

Gabriel #2

Andy #1

As soon as I have it, I'll post Felipe's fights as well and commen…