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Event Report: WKF Austrian Open 2012

So last saturday me and my team competed at the WKF Austrian Open 2012.
Let's start the review with some facts and numbers:

5 starters for the Shinergy[supreme team]4 gold medals
4 of which are from my school4 silver medals
3 injuries1 bronze medal
2 of us got away without a scratch

We all competed in Semi- and Light-contact events.
You can find the team roster in the table below

Name (alphabetically)1st Event / Division2nd Event / DivisionResult
Eppensteiner, ChristianSemi-Contact Men / -75kgSemi-Contact Men / +91kgSilver / Bronze
Krzan, Gabriel Semi-Contact Juniors / +71kgLight-Contact Juniors / -67,5khSilver / Gold
Mehic, AndreasSemi-Contact Juniors / +71kgLight-Contact Juniors / +71kgGold / Gold
Pezenka, LukasLight-Contact Men / -71kg-Silver / -
Zauner, FrankSemi-Contact Men / -75kgSemi-Contact Men / +91kgGold / Silver

A chaotic schedule
Now you might be wondering why everyone was starting in so many different classes. This happened to be so because especially in the semi-contact classes, competition was rather scarce. Chris cut quite a lot of weight (~5kg) to compete in the -71kg division only to find that there's no competition whatsoever.

In the next division, -75kg, there was but one other competitor - Frank, who also happens to be a member of the Shinergy[supreme] team. So, neither Chris nor Frank had an opponent from another gym in their respective classes. That's why they decided to climb the weight ladder all the way up to the +91kg division and compete there.

In any other event, this would be suicide. In semi-contact sparring, however, where speed, agility and range dominate, mass isn't that much of an issue. Chris had a definite disadvantage in terms of range. Frank, on the other hand, is quite tall - in fact, he possesses something of a perfect semi-contact physique.

Tomorrow's champions
When it comes to Andreas and Gabriel, they both competed in the juniors division. Just as with Frank and Chris, they had no one to fight in the semi-contact event, so they faced each other. At least in the light-contact event, they had opponents. Now I have to say I did expect quite a lot from my boys. Still, I couldn't quite believe just how well they performed.

I have to admit I didn't see everything, because I had to prepare for my bouts just as the boys were fighting. However, a single look onto the mat was enough to clearly realize the situation. Gabriel implemented just about everything I've taught him over the course of the last weeks and months. Andreas out-boxed his opponent (who was physically inferior to Andy in every aspect) and won his fight by TKO in the first round.

This was both boys first kickboxing tournament and they both made it to the national team with flying colors. I'm really excited to see them perform again soon.

The fights
I don't have video footage on all the fights yet. Everything was recorded, though, so I'll upload the clips here as soon as I have them. Today I was given some footage of my first fight, so that'll probably be the first thing you'll see here. Just as with the material on the last Shinergy[battle], it may take some time until everything is on the blog, but eventually it'll all be here.

So long,

take care


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